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Our staff

We have a wonderful team of dedicated teaching, non-teaching and support staff at our school.
Our 2018 staff list is as follows:
Executive Team
Tom Beck
Deputy Principal  Year 11
Margaret Kerswell
Deputy Principal  Year 12
Belinda Walker
Deputy Principal  Year 7/8
Diana Furlan
Deputy Principal Year 9/10
Faith Johnson
Student Support/HOSES
Helen Cassimatis
Business Manager
Cheryl Scott
Student Office/Sick Bay/ Student Attendance
Kerrie King
Lainie King
Sylvie Luque
Gayleen Guilk
Lee McCosh
Principal’s Personal Assistant
Clare Schloss
Leadership Team
VET / Home Economics /Retail Studies
Trish Gibbs  
E-Learning/ IT /Business
Brent Thomas
Marianne Watterson
Literacy (HOD)
Julie Finlayson
Numeracy (HOD)
Tammy Muckert
Health and Physical Education
Jamie Ramm
Industrial Technology and Design 
Mark Hohenhaus
Kamlesh Kumar
The Arts
Nicolee Clarkson
Chris Clarkson
Senior Schooling
Amy Luxton
Junior Secondary
Scott Pearse
Phil Czislowski 
English as an Additional Language or Dialect
Success Coach
Steven Backwell
Dean of Students - Years 7/8
Greg Collins
Dean of Students - Years 9/10
Kim Johnson
Dean of Students –  Years 11/12
Tanya Webber
Support Services
Guidance Officers
Roxanne Franke: 7/10
Naomi Dowden: 9/12
Tim Clarke: 8/11
Choices Not Chances
Mike Winton
Senior Studies Room
Amy Luxton
Community Liaison Officer
Lucy Salanoa 
Indigenous Community Education Counselor
Pacific Islander Liaison Officer
Pao Salonoa
Learning Support - HUB
Senior - Jo Dawson
Junior - Donna Savige

School Based Youth Health Nurse
Nicole McQueen
School Based Police Officer
Lisa Dunne
Tegan Harvey
School Canteen Convenor
Florence Scott
Uniform Shop Convenor 
Sue Pryor
Schools Officer (Facilities)
Aaron Schulte
Mark Schulte
Schools Officer (Grounds)
Harry Loibl
Youth Co-Coordinator
Rosalind Sapolu